Actimator is a collaborative platform for primary school students to learn game programming. The client approached me to redesign their website.  

home imac.png

My Role

  • Wireframing
  • Information Architecture 
  • UI/Visual Design


According to the feedback and research gathered from the client, my redesign would focus on solving these issues. 

Legacy Homepage

  1. The homepage did not effectively convey what Actimator does.
  2. There were no clear instructions on how to get started.
  3. The designs need to be compatible with the Bootstrap Wordpress theme called Unify 

Additionally, It was important to pick an art direction that conveyed the "game vibe" targeted to middle school-high school students. I gathered inspiration from sites such as, CS-First by Google, Tynker, Teamtreehouse, and Code School.  

To increase engagement in the homepage, I proposed a video. According to research by Eyeview, adding video to your landing page can increase conversion up to 80%. 

The information was broken down for clarity and my visual approach would augment this style. I used various icons to communicate the features. 


My client was very satisfied with the outcome of the redesign. The web page received noticeable increase in traffic after my design was implemented.