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I am a designer with a passion for building products with a holistic approach. Good design is not about the end result - but the process. Designers are not merely pixel pushers, but purveyors of empathy and co-creation. 

I test my design hypothesis by iterating through different solutions while incorporating feedback. My strength is combining human-centered design with business/organizational goals. 

When I am not designing, I can be found lounging around with my cat and trying to make the world a better place through volunteering.

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Redesigning a recruitment marketing B2B BaSS platform for better reporting.

User Research, Prototyping, Interaction Design


I have thoroughly enjoyed working Qian, and I hope to continue to do so. Her visual design work has been fast, excellent, and on-brand. She is able to produce designs in a number of different styles and for multiple platforms (mobile, web, print, etc.), and her work always enhances the customer experience.

Qian is also incredibly easy to work with. She can work with very little oversight, but she also takes feedback extremely well, which is a rare combination! Because she's so flexible, she's able to provide exactly the deliverables that the team needs in order to move forward quickly and efficiently.

— Laura Klein, Author of Lean UX for Start-Ups and Build Better Products


Side Projects

Adventures local and abroad.